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Posted: March 24, 2012 By: prostreetamx

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    I will be painting my Javelin this week and have already received my Eastwood base coat/ clear coat paint in blue pearl and silver metalic. I plan to shoot both colors and the clear in one day on the main body. Since my garage is not as big as I would like, the extra spoilers and such will probably need to be painted seperatly on another day. I know this can cause color shifts but since they are seperate bolt on parts, I don’t think it will be noticable if I am careful with the mix and aplication techniques. I think I will have to paint the lower body blue first, then wait until it can be masked, then add the upper silver on the roof, trunk lid and fender and door tops. The hood will not be painted at this time since I am considering a vinyl carbon fiber wrap. I paid a guy a lot of money a few years ago to paint this car base coat/ clear coat Ford sonic blue with ChromaBase paint. After wasteing over 3 gallons of color and clear coat, I finially gave up on the guy and took the car back. The issue was that the base coat was so transparent that he painted the car white first so the paint would pop. The problem with that is that the finish guy overbuffed in many areas, into the white. Some areas, the paint was only a fog coat and you could see through it to the white. He repainted several areas which resulted in much darker areas. He also ended up with tape seams on body lines where he tried to touch up small areas. Overall it was a pretty bad experience. I had painted cars in the past but was not wanting to mess up a basecoat/ clear coat, which I had not done before. I have since painted several club member cars to get my confidance back and feel it will not be an issue for me to paint this car myself.
    My question is, does the Eastwood basecoat cover in 2 coats as claimed so I don’t have the same coverage issues? I plan to repaint over the heavily prepped previous paint job, which is a fairly dark blue(see pics in my profile). I will be covering up the problem white buff through areas with a dark grey sanding primer so there is no major color differences under the top coat. I did the body work on this car over bare metal, etching primer and high build sanding primer. I am not worried about the last paint job causing paint lift and the body is very straight with tons of block sanding already done. I do not plan to use a sealer over this paint before useing the basecoat. I will paint 3 coats of base if needed as I do not want to go through this process again. This car sat for several years since my very expensive experience. I want to start useing this car this year and I want a good paint job first. Will I have an issue with painting the silver over the blue base at the break line and do I need to paint the entire car blue first so there is no fog line under the silver top coat?

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