curing blasted aluminum

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    :confused: I just coated 2 parts with blasted aluminum and they looked good. 2 days later I noticed a small spot had been knocked off and that did not seem right so I checked the parts with MEK . I rubbed it for about 15 sec.
    and the powder wiped off . I did a test part and baked it at 425 for 30 min. and got the same thing the powder chips or comes of like it is not cured.
    Any suggestions.
    I tried a few more parts lastnight did 1 with zinc phosphate 1 with iron phos.
    and 1 blasted with aluminum oxide and did 1 high gloss black to make sure it is not my oven. All parts looked fine until I did MEK test , after 10 seconds on the blasted alum. parts the powder came off easy but the gloss black part did not come off with MEK it just got dull. Could there be a problem with curing blasted aluminum powder.

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