Cracked my head

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    I’ve got a couple of Vortec heads that I bought new and had on a 400.
    (Yes I drilled the needed steam holes) I put just over 18K miles on the fresh motor, when I snaped a belt running down the interstate. Like an idiot,I thought I could get it to the next exit ramp. Long story short, it made it and I really didn’t think it got that hot, however, my Vortec heads felt otherwise!
    I am now, the not so proud owner of a set of cracked heads. Both heads cracked in the same spot. Right in between the center two cylinders on the block mating surface. VERY SMALL, FINE CRACKS!!! Anybody know of any anything I could do with these short of throwing them in the dumpster? I have tried welding cast iron before (pre-heating) and have not had very much luck. Any suggestions would be great!
    Thank you

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