Could I make an oven out of this.

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    Okay, here’s the idea. My wife and I are trying to sell our current house. Anything I make has to be mobile, but of course I’d love to go bigger so I can do bumpers and stuff.

    Take an all metal storage container, make my space for insulation using metal studs on the inside, lay in the insulation, sheet metal, etc. etc.

    Then mount the storage box onto an old boat trailer so it’s mobile (at least for now, once we’re settled in the new place I could take if off the trailer). That way when we move it can just come with us.

    It’s a big box. Where I’m at I’ve only got 50 amp feed to the garage, so I’d make a devider wall and only heat half (though it just occurs to me I don’t even know if I could heat half of it). Then when we move if my plans go well I’ll be building a 3 car detatched with it’s own service feed and can give it the 90-100 amps I think it would need to heat the whole box.

    I wired my current oven so I understand the wiring and basic oven building stuff.

    I’d plan to make the control box detatchable and plug into those outside style outlets to feed the elements.

    Here’s a picture/description of the specific box I’m thinking of using:

    Pipe dream? Thoughts?


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