Converting EFI to Carb any suggestions

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    I am building a 65 cobra kit. Yea I know not the normal classics on here, but figured it would be fun. The engine I am using is out of an 89 mustang. 302 efi of course, I want to change it to carburated. (yes the registration will allow me to omit emissions laws). So has anyone done this and any recomendations on what parts to use? So far I figured a Performer RPM manifold with a mallory electonic distributor, a edelbrock 600 carb and the stock coil. Most everything else is going to stay stock for now, just wondering if anyone has any better ideas on what to use. Funny I have been so into restoring stock, I forgot all the performance upgrades. Also can’t believe how much they went up in price since the 90’s. 😮

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