Converting 220v to 120v !

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    Howdy. Although I have bought an IR curing lamp I have one word…. ****! It takes sooo much “fken” time to cure something and unless its flat the cure is inconsistant. (rounded objects).

    I was doing some number crunching and figured it would take 10 hours 40 mins cure time for 4 wheels with base coat and clear coat. If it was done in our oven it would take 2 hours and 40 mins!

    Why do I not use your oven I say. (*waits for you to say*) Because its for 220v and we have no 220 spots left and I really don’t want to play with adding one to the breaker box. How can I convert the oven from 220v to 110v there has got to be a way!

    P.S. IR lamps are really cool because the size of the item doesn’t matter but it takes sooooo long!



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