Convection oven for Powder Coating?

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    I have been buying the items needed to start powder coating. The only item I have yet to buy is the oven. I have considered a normal kitchen size oven, but don’t have the room for something that large right now. I have looked at toaster ovens, but even with the larger ones, there is not a lot of height to them. One option I am currently considering is a convection oven. They sell the ones that you buy to cook rotisserie chickens in. They are taller than they are wide, and can fit on a small table. I saw a thread about using convection ovens, but it was rather in regards to the large kitchen size convection ovens. Any idea if one of the smaller electric convection ovens would work for powder coating? My neighbor has one that is a decent size still in the box that she is willing to sell to me for a good price. It would be great since as I said a toaster oven is just not very tall to where you can do much in them. Thanks!

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