Contour Putty and aluminum filler won’t kick….very disappointed.

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    Hello all:

    I just received an order with several of the Contour body filler products in it. I bough these based on Kevin Tezt’s rave reviews. After all the hype I must say that I am very disappointed. The liquid hardener supplied with and recommended for the aluminum filler and the spot putty does not cause the curing that it should. I even doubled the normal amount of hardener and then finally after an hour it got sort of harder. As a test I then used the normal amount of cream hardener and both products kicked and cured as they should. This is a big problem and I needed to sand off all the gooey filler and start over again. On top of that it makes me really question using the Contour Poly Primer/Surfacer since it has what appears to be the same liquid hardener. Al in all this is not what I expected and I have been doing this kind of work for many years as a hobyist and this is first time I’ve seen this happen. Should I just go back to my old standby PPG K38 as a primer/surfacer. It always works.

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