Considering taking the big plunge…my own shop.

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    So I went to a show this weekend and was showing off my valve covers (99% of my work) and I was asked about 20 times about doing wheels and then I was approached by 4 shops about frames/chassis and other large items.

    I’ve been wanting to open my own shop for a long while, but I’m really not sure where to start.

    Sure, I could out an buy all brand new equipment and take out a $100k loan, but I’d rather be smart about it.

    I’ve made a list of what I think I’d need, could you guys add on or remove from the list? What else should I be prepared for? What obstacles and such?

    I’d have a warehouse that my wife and possibly one employee would man during the day while I’m working full time as a web app developer and then I’d come in at night and do 4 to 5 hours a night and then both weekend days.

    I know I’ll be ragged, but I am now and I’m not getting the turn around I need.

    Anyway, here’s my list:

    (2) Ovens (size recommendations?)
    (2 – 3) Powder Booths
    Parts Washer(s)
    Media blaster(s)
    2 Utility Sinks
    Paint/Powder Stripper(Disolver) tank (for wheels)
    Paint/Powder Stripper(Disolver) for smaller items
    Pot Blaster Room or something similar
    Powder Storage area (climate controlled)
    Prep area (plug and mask)
    Ship area (wrap, pack and box)

    This sounds huge but can be condensed and overlapped if needed.

    I’m not sure of the space I’d be in, so think of it on the small side at first.

    Again, any and all help would be much appreciated.


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