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    Hi All,

    Doing a long running restore of a 66 Mustang Coupe, I’ve done some metal replacement as well as new bare metal fenders. I don’t have a complete compressor system yet and its not in my budget for another couple of months. I want to prime and seal only to protect what I’ve done so far. I’m not worried about being pretty at this point, I just want to protect what I’ve done so far. I plan on a complete sand down and paint in about a year after I’ve done full quarters and some underframe metal work over the coming year.

    I was planning on spray canning your Gray Self Etching Primer for now but I also want to seal and that primer says “non-epoxy top coats” plus your 1:1 Epoxy Primer is what I wanted to use because I’ve heard good things about it, but I can’t spray can it. Is there a primer sealer system you can recommend that I can spray can for now. I’m trying to stay in a budget here and plan the big expenses ahead of time and still protect what I’ve done.



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