Concours HVLP Setup for a beginner

Posted: May 31, 2012 By: bdugle

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    Hey Kevin-

    Love your shows on TV. I am working up to a major restoration of my 71 C10 by starting with painting some metal-clad house doors. I am using automotive 2-stage paint over 2K primer since I had some trouble with my first attempt on scuffed factory primer.

    I started with a couple inexpensive guns from Vaper, got some okay results with a good, shiny surface with a single stage paint. The problem was it did not stick well in a couple spots, so I started over. The second round started with sanding to some bare metal, spot etching primer to cover bare metal, 2K primer, and 2-stage paint. I started with the interior side, mixed half clear with half flattener, and had a decent semi-gloss result.

    Then I invested in a Concours gun, thinking I could get even better results on the gloss exterior side. I did some initial setup with air pressure, then tried painting the gloss side of the first door. The color went on fine but the clear is very orange-peely. I think I have a problem with technique as well as setup.

    My rig is 5hp, single-stage compressor, 60 gallon with typical ratings. I have 3/4″ pipe run to my booth, maybe 25 feet up, over, and down to a Sharpe filter-dryer-regulator. That is set to 90 psi, then goes through a flexible 3/8″ line to the gun. I have a regulator at the gun.

    The Concours gun says 10psi max on the cap. Unfortunately for us beginners, there is no gauge that shows how close you are to that critical setting! The spec of 4CFM at 29 psi makes me think I should see 29 on the gauge on the regulator at the gun with the trigger pulled. The max I can get is about 22 psi. Other gun settings are max fluid less a twist or two, fan all the way out, and air control all the way out.

    I think my technique error was holding the gun too far away from the surface. My clear came out with a lot of orange peel, probably from going on too dry due to trying to spray from 8-10 inches away.

    Is there any chance of getting proper operation of my Concours gun with 22 psi at the handle, trigger pulled?

    Do I need to cut down on fluid with less pressure available at the gun?

    Should I lose the regulator at the gun? You told someone to put a temporary gauge at the gun and adjust the pressure at the wall regulator. Should I be looking for the 29 psi, trigger pulled, or something else?

    In another thread you told someone to expect to hold the gun as close as 4 inches to get a proper coating. Any further comments?

    Would I have figured all this out a long time ago if I just bought your DVD?

    Sorry this post is so long but thanks for your help with this forum.


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