Concours gun and Contour Poly primer – First time shooter

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    The only body work experience I have is small projects and spray can applications. After hours of research, purchased the Concours gun and Contour primer for my 65 Riviera rebuild. I found the gun to be very easy to use, I struggled with the hose I had, it was very stiff and I had seen Kevin say us a very flexible one. Mixing was quite easy, wish the marks were reversed on the activator but quickly learned to know when I had enough. I had practiced a few of Kevins tips before starting, set the gun with the digital regulator to about 22PSI at first. The primer laid down very thick and was almost like I textured my walls. My 26 gal compressor wasnt enough for a quality job, but I got decent coats of primer laid down. Once it cured I tried a quick block sand to see how it did. This stuff sands so nicely, the texture effect disappears quickly and doesnt clog the sand paper as quick as other primers I have used.

    Tips from a first time novice, get the bigger compressor (60 gal 3.5 hp) like the keep suggesting. My 26 gal kept up with me but I dont think the flow was enough, even though the book says it will.

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