Concours Detail Gun and Dekups

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    I emailed tech support weeks ago but never got an answer, missing out on a few promotion deals 🙁 so I’m trying here.

    For the Eastwood Concours detail gun, which adapter is required for use with the Dekups system? Is it the DPC-10 (Item #50294), the Eastwood brand adapter (Item #12412), or is it the DPC-11 (Item #50207)?

    The Detail Gun with Dekups package “More Info” tab indicates the following:

    Concourse Detail Gun Adapterr 50207 DeKups adapter DPC-10

    A search for DPC-10 yields #50294 and #12412 with the latter being a two-piece adapter even though it looks exactly like the DPC-10 (and a few $ more). Both of these have male threads while the gun appears to also have male threads (M12 x 1.5). The DPC-11 (#50207) appears to have female threads.

    Could you please clarify?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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