Compressors and paint guns

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    Hi I’m new here and have a few Q’s about my compressor and the paint guns I would like to purchase. It is a 3 hp,25 gal tank. Max pressure is 150 psig,scfm is 4.9@40psig and 3.5@90psig.I am looking at Eastwoods Concours Gun#51550 or the Devilbiss P&P system #12506 can I use these guns with my comp? Also my project vehicle is an 84 CJ7 and I’m using eastwood hugger orange and clear coat.How much paint would I need to purchase to paint just the outside of the jeep for proper coverage(2-3 coats of paint and the same for clear)this is the first time painting for me so sorry about all the Q’s,cash is a little tight right now and don’t want to get more than I will need.Thanks for the patience and time

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