Compressor question (yeah I know arent there enough)

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    Im shopping for a new compressor. I tried using my 26 Gal 2HP compressor and it got primer on the car. It didnt spray as well as I had hoped but it did the job. It did also verify that it is by no means big enough to do paint, Im not even gonna try. The CFM was 4 @ 90 and 5 @ 40, enough for the Concours Gun (4 @ 29)

    I know 60 Gal 5 HP….but I cant find one within my budget. I did find a 80 Gal 5HP that I can swing, but its on the outer edge and ALOT bigger than anything I will need after Im done with this project both for space in the garage and cost to the pocket. All the big box stores have 60 Gal 3+HP (largest I found 3.7).

    The CFM of both 60 and 80 gal compressors are about the same, the only difference is the HPs. Does that mean its just going to take longer to fill the tank? Is 3.7 enough or do I need to bite the bullet and go with the larger 80 to have the 5HP??

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