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    Hello Kevin,
    I read around on this forum and after doing some research i wanted to ask the following question. I decided to paint my car because i dropped if off to local shop to do some repair and did not like how things were going so i picked my car up after they finished welding. After spending all my budget money i though i was ready to paint till i started to read about compressor and cfm . I was going to shoot single stage from eastwood blue metallic. I bought a gun from HF their “professional” one. Then i noticed it says 12 cfm , and i noticed my compressor is just a 6 gal 5.4 cfm at 40. I was going to attached a extra tank 11 gal to make 17 gal. So i figured that maybe i should go with the Eastwood Concours since its 4cfm at 29. I though about the kit with 1.2 and 1.4 tips. . I have access to another compressor with 4 gallon i think 2 hp i thought of connecting them together. DO I have Hope

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