Comparing Pressure Blasters.

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    Nothing frustrates me more than to find out I wasn’t the incompetant, the tools were…

    I bought my first “blast from a bucket” type tool, for about $15 and thought it was ok till I bought a siphon blaster from Sears… which was infinately better and 6x the price or more. It was however, worth every penny but still slow going.

    But now I’m doing more than just suspension parts (gonna do a whole car)… and I’d like to know…

    What is the difference between these two media blasters Eastwood sells

    12064 Clarke 100lb pressure blaster for $149.99….

    22008 ALC Pressure blaster (90lb) $399.99

    My compressor is 33 gal, 8.6 scfm at 40 psi, 6.4 scfm at 80 psi



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