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    I take a pic of all the parts (pic #1)on this job and then a seperate pic of the parts too big for my cabinet for the commercial blaster to blast (pic #2)and the rest of the parts I will do myself. I email him the pic of the shortlist of parts and he quotes me $50. I think this is fair. So I just happen to take the whole box of parts to him this morning thinking its cold outside and I dont want to do any blasting, maybe if he treats me right I will let him do a few more of the parts. I take the box in his office and start pulling out the parts in the pic he quoted me on. The honeycomb grill parts (2 pcs with the FORD name)were not in that pic, but he says “No they were in the pic” I said “No they were’nt……wait a minute, I’m not going to argue with you, if you say they were in the pic for the $50, then go ahead and do them” He says “let me pull up the pic on the computer” and he does. Thats when I realize that once he pulled up the pic I sent him , it opens my whole photobucket album and he saw the pic with ALL the parts and had actually quoted me $50 for everything. DONE DEAL. Not only do I think the price was good, but I dropped them at noon and can pick them up at 5:00pm.
    Just out of curiosity what would you guys charge just to coat these parts in Satin Black



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