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    So I decided while I had the motor out ready for swapping in the bigger one, now was a good time to install my big brake set up also. I am going from the small CRX caliper and 9.4″ rotor to the huge Accord V6 sedan caliper and 11″ rotor using all Honda parts. More rotor, pad and caliper size should do the trick. The car is white with silver rims, car has some blue accents on the interior. I can coat all the parts shown in the pic. Looking for suggestions on colors. The backing plate can be removed and done seperately, rotor can be turned to remove surface coat, caliper bracket (not shown) is UP Chrome right now. This car will be lettered to promote the company. I was 268 miles from turning 300k on this car when I got hit by a Ford F250 who put his front tow hook through the headlight, hood and valve cover, knocking the motor out of its mounts.

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