Cobra Henrob 2000?

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    I’m interested in purchasing the Cobra H/2000, but I wanted some clarification on your advertisement of this product.
    In your catalog is says, ” Welds LIKE a TIG and cuts LIKE a Plasma”
    I just fine the word “Like” a little too general. It looks like something I’d like to get, and I’m rather new to this TIG welding thing. What I eventually want to be able to do is weld my diff mount on my Z3 roadster, but I wanted to know if the weld using this welder would hold up? Of course I realize it is subjective to the welder, but say an experience welder used it, would it be suitable to use for this application? The Z3 as well as many other BMWs have a weak diff mount and the subfloor starts to tear. I want to reinforce the floor before this happens.
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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