Coating Underneath Car Body

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    I have spent a considerable amount of time and effort to scrape and clean the original undercoating off the underside of my project car’s body.
    To my surprise, the newly exposed sheet metal is predominantly rust-free! 🙂


    I plan to paint the raw metal and then coat the entire area with a spray-type undercoating system.

    Here is my question: Would I be better-off by using RE to spot-treat the few rusty areas and use a more traditional primer product for the clean metal, or is there some value to coating the entire bottom with RE (most of which is clean metal, mind you) before spraying on the undercoat? If the RE will inhibit rust in the future I will definitely use it, but if it doesn’t adhere to clean metal as well as regular primer, I’ll use primer.

    I guess my real question is: Is RE recommended for use on clean metal?

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