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Posted: January 9, 2006 By: TypeOne

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    Hey guys, this is going to be my first powder coating experience..but hopefully not my last! I’ve always been into powdercoating but I was timid to try it myself. I bought the kit from eastwood and a bunch of different color powders and clear ect. I’ve got a few questions about coating, maybe you guys could help me out.

    1. I’m going to coat a set of new wheels that I bought.. The manuf. does not offer the color I wanted, so I’m going to do it myself. My question is this, what kind of prep should I get involved with? I had planned to media blast them, and clean then with paint prep.. would this do the trick?

    2. When coating a wheel, how do you get 100% coverage? Is it smarter to coat the face of the wheel, then flip it over and coat the inside..or vice versa..without messing up the lip of the rim??

    Really, I’m curious about how to coat a whole part, front and back. Can you coat in 2 steps? :confused:

    Also, about coating bolts.. How does coating affect the thickness of a bolt?(obviously not the threads) Say I had a 10mm bolt, coated it..would a 10mm socket still fit, or would it increase it that much?

    Any info would help me greatly!


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