Coating Pot Metal

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    I am looking for some advice on the properties of coating pot metal.
    I have been given 4 parts that are part of a convertible top mechanism from a 1948 Mercury.
    These parts, I am told, are very rare, and therefore expensive.
    They appear to me to be some sort of cast metal, with remnants of a zinc coating once applied, probably to prevent corrosion. The person, who is not the owner of these parts, said they were aluminium, coated with zinc, but they feel too heavy to be aluminium, and I’m not sure they were even casting
    aluminium in 1948.
    Question is, what sort of risks are there from outgassing, or baking this sort of material? I am concerned about it getting brittle, and possible snapping off.
    I have coated pot metal emblems and such, but they dont carry any load.
    Does anyone have any experience, or advice on dealing with this material?

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