Coating over solid paint in hard to sand areas

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    Performing preventive maintenance a 95 Jeep XJ that has minimal rust. Any where I can get to, I am cleaning what little rust there is down to clean bare metal along with stripping original paint and undercoating to recoat.
    This is the majority of the surface area, no problem.
    Problem is with it being a unibody there are places impossible to get to strip clean,that have just a hint of rust showing in the seams and joints but the original paint is still holding it’s own and in good shape for the most part. I have scuffed up and cleaned these areas best as I can. No access to a sand blaster
    I will use the internal frame coating on all the areas I can’t get to at all, but after reading all your product instructions, I am lost at which one to try over the scuffed up paint. Would the internal frame saver stick the best here as well?
    Or do you offer a better product that will stick to solid paint and stop the rust from starting in the cracks and crevices?
    Thanks for your time.

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