coating on inside of 68 Mercury doors – removal?

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    Hello everyone – my 68 Mercury has a coating on the insides of the doors that is flaking off. The loose areas will come off with a scraper, but the areas that are still attached don’t respond to scrapping. Where it has fallen off, the metal is rusting.

    I’m trying to determine what this coating is, and the best way to get rid of it. It’s a hard material about 1/16 inch thick, black on the side by the sheet metal, but has a silvery gold hue on the exposed surface. It reminds me of undercoating, but harder. Maybe it’s a sound deadener of some kind, since it’s inside a door? My eventual plan is to use a rust converter and then recoat the metal.

    I’ve thought of using a wire wheel, but I imagine I’ll end up with a ton of dust to deal with. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, Mark

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