Coating my first set of wheels!

Posted: January 10, 2012 By: MisterWilling

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    Hi all! My name is Austin and I’m new to the forum.

    (short intro):
    I purchased 2001 blue Honda Prelude that came with aftermarket wheels. I did not like the look of the wheels so I decided to put stock wheels back on the car. It was impossible to find a set of stock wheels in good condition and refinishing wheels was pricey. So I opted to buy a stock set of Prelude wheels for cheap and get them powder coated.

    I work at manufacturing plant as a machine shop programmer. I have access to many different parts of the manufacturing plant. So this should allow me to get these wheels coated by myself.

    (here’s my plan):

    I am currently working on cleaning off 10 years worth of grime and grease. My company does Yellow Chem Film and I have read that its great for getting powder coat to stick to aluminum. I want to get the wheels fairly clean before I get them coated with the chem film so that it does not get my companies tanks too dirty…

    The one process that I don’t have access to is bead blasting. I had planned on just sanding out all the scratches and dings by hand. Using an orbital sander to get an even and smooth finish.

    So this is the process I have in mind. If you have any suggestions or recommendations please let me know; as this IS my first rodeo.

    1. Clean Wheels Thoroughly
    2. strip clear coat
    3. Sand out all blemishes and dings, then give the wheels an even finish.
    4. Clean again
    5. Out-gas
    6. Sent to Platers for Yellow chem film
    7. Paint the four wheels with “GUN METAL PEARLESCENT” (using a professional painter to do the work for me)
    8. Cure
    9. Clear Coat
    10. Cure
    11. Enjoy the results!

    A couple of questions…

    How many pounds of powder should I buy for the four 16″ wheels? ( I only plan on coating the viewable front)

    Did I place the outgassing step in the correct place in my process?

    How clean do the wheels need to be before out-gassing? Even after scrubbing the wheels there is still small black dots in them from dirt sitting inside pits. I would assume that when I send the wheels to get plated they will get rid of the rest of the dirt in their cleaning tanks but I didnt know if there would be a problem during the out-gassing process.

    Did I miss anything?

    Thanks in advance

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