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    Hello I am in the process of designing my coating booth now that my oven is done. The booth will be about 3’x3’x6′. My question is what size micron filter works to collect powder to keep the mess down exhausting into the shop. Is 1 micron ok? Will this system work? I feel like I could put 2 intakes on the back wall and 1 intake in the floor to collect the excess powder. I was really wanting to stick with a 110v motor but can do 220v if absolutely needed.

    What kind of CFM rating and static pressure do I need for this size booth? I do like the way the filter cleans on this dust collector. I was also looking at the cyclone systems but do they really do anything when it comes to powder?

    Does anybody ever build water filters for powder like some people do with the 5 gallon buckets and a shop vac for blast cabinets? Thanks.

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