Coal slag blasting dangers?

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    Just had a question hoping one of the experts here could help me with…. Long story short :rolleyes: My uncle came over to my place awhile ago and got permission from my dad to sand blast the underside of his truck in our drive way… After all said and done he emptied 2 fifty pound bags of coal slag blasting material into our driveway.” we thought he was using sand” So our drive way was a black mess. I tried to clean it up best I could by wetting it and putting all the fine coal dust slag material in garbage cans but it was hard to get it all because it soaked into and between the driveway dirt and rocks.

    I am basically wondering if this left over coal slag material will seep into my well and or drinking water as I have read coal slag is high in heavy metals etc… and after 100 pounds of this stuff was used in my drive way im a little concerned.

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