Clicking sound when gun operated

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    I bought a dual voltage gun #11676 about 20 months ago and it seemed to work fine.

    I think it has now broke as it doesn’t “click” anymore on the lower setting and the powder doesn’t want to “stick”to the part.
    When i press the activation switch i get a clicking sound from inside the box. When on the 15kv setting it clicked about 1 time per second while spraying. If i change to 25kv it sounds like rapid gunfire from inside the box.It now only “clicks” on 25kv but still doesn’t make the powder”stick” to the part.

    I called Tech support and they said it’s broken and should buy another one as its out of its 1 year warranty. I’ve only used it about 6 times and spoke to sales and they would only give me a $20 reduction in price.

    So i opened up the box and switched it onto 25kv and pressed the hand switch. When it started “clicking rapidly” i saw a blue ARC inside the box. I found that one of the black wires coming out of the box has a hole through its insulation and was Arcing to the grounding sheathing on the 110v wiring. SCARED me to death. It’s just like a big fat blue spark from a SparkPlug Wire. The arcing has eaten into the sealed “Black Box” where all the electrical magic takes place.

    Has anyone else had this “clicking” sound?

    Mine has done it from the first time i used it. Des.

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