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    Greetings all,
    First time paint job using epoxy primer/epoxy surface build primer/pure white single stage paint/ clearcoat. I have used Eastwood everything in this endeavor. Now time to clearcoat, but after reading previous posts, I may be in trouble here. To prep the pure white base (3 coats)for clearcoat, I sanded with 1000 grit. Is this too fine for adhesion if so, what grit should I use? I plan to shoot 3 clear coats sanding with 1000 or 2000 before final coat. This has been a month long process with multiple days dry time between coats and I abraded with the proper grits through all. By the way, I think Eastwood products perform GREAT! Paints are easy to mix, and I have had to sand out a few runs and orange peel, but the paint performed excellent. The clear I am using is Eastwood 2:1 european. Can I proceed or should I resand?

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