Clearcoat not spraying a good pattern

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    ralph moore

    Hi, I just repainted a pickup bed and thanks to your help I got the basecoat on and it came out great(after I found out my vent hole on the cup was clogging). I was getting a really good pattern and results with the basecoat, but when I put the clearcoat on the pattern was not as good. I played with the pattern/paint mixture, but could not get it to spray as good as the basecoat.
    I am using a Sharpe Finex FX300 HVLP gun with a 1.5 tip and painting with Deltron DBU basecoat/clearcoat combo.
    The final result is not too bad, there is a little flashing that I may be able to buff out and I have a run (in the clearcoat)that is my fault for not putting the cap securly back on the cup.
    Question is do I need a different tip, or a different gun for the clearcoat?
    Or am I doing something wrong?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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