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    I have some almost chrome powder #10169. I was told it needed a top coat of clear #10093 to protect it. I have done several pieces with mixed results. Using a timer and thermostat to control the cure. I do the almost chrome at 375 to 400′ for 20 minutes and let the part cool. I then apply the clear and at first I did it as per instructions at 400 for 20 minutes but it discolors. I tried curing at less temp or less time or both and sometimes it works and sometimes it turns sorta gold tint which has its own unusual look but if I really want the chrome to be true what is a good procedure to follow to prevent the browning. This stuff is a pain to remove and start over. Is there a minimum time or temp for the clear to cure sufficiantly to be durable without it discoloring???
    Thanks, :confused: speedo

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