Clear over decal…this procedure look good?

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    I haven’t been on here in a long time! Still doing some PC work, never had many questions since then. But I’m doing my first decal job.

    Supra Calipers, front
    Decals came directly from Toyota (don’t have them in hand yet, so not sure if it’s vinyl or what)

    EW Mirror Red Base
    Apply Decal
    Wipe down with Denatured Alcohol
    PBTP SD Crystal Clear Top coat

    Should be ok? I’ve seen some posts where people who have done brembo decals on red calipers find it bleeds through (therefore requried decals over clear, and another coat of clear), but others having no problems? The decals from Toyota should hold up fine to the oven and even exhibit no bleeding of red from the base coat?



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