Clear over bare steel? Help!

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    Has anyone ever tried to put a clear powder coat over polished bare steel? My attempt at this has left me with a purple gas tank for my bike. To begin with, I sanded it down to a nice shine, then applied three stages of polish to it. I got it almost like chrome! My only choice for rust protection seems to be a clear powder coat finish since the surface is to smooth for conventional methods. I like the idea of powder coating anyway. I removed the polish with the metal prep stuff, heated my oven to 450F then put my tank in with no coating on it so I can bring it back out to wipe the contaminates off. I let it set in there for about an hour and then when I opened my oven door..Viola! A purple gas tank. I did put it back in at 500F for another hour and then turned the oven off and left the door closed, thinking that if it cooled down slower then it would come back to original, but it only came back as far as bluish-green. Is there some kind of trick to this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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