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    Dennis G.

    Let me tell you a story of woe. I’m doing a derby cover for a friends Harley, it’s a 2 color job with a satin clear finish. I’m putting his old unit patch design over black texture. After 4 or 5 test plates and lots of really late nights, I finally got down to shooting the beast. The texture went on great, the design work came out flawless. It looked like I was finally getting the hang of it, then it happened. Shot the clear, cured, and dropped it as I was getting it out of the oven. Now on to my question, After things cooled down ( myself included) I saw that the spots that got gouged were lifting around the edges. Using a knife I could peel dime size pieces clear away. My cure time was 20 to 25 minutes at 375-380 degrees. I use infrared thermometer and my timex. Now to cause peeling like that is it under or overcure and is my temp correct? Hope to post pics if I ever get done.
    Thanks in advance,

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