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Posted: November 11, 2005 By: charliec

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    I’ve got a lot of NOS and reproduction emblems for my 1970 Dodge and Plymouth cars, and many of them are chromed pot metal with glossy red and/or flat black painted accents. On nearly all of the repros and some of the NOS ones, the painted areas (especially the flat black ones) are very prone to flaking and chipping to the paint.

    I wonder, is there an Eastwood product that would work to seal these in a clearcoat that would protect the painted areas without dulling the chromed areas? I am going for an “over-restored, better than detroit ever built ’em” look, so correctness is not an issue, but I would like the flat black areas to be flat, not glossy, and I don’t want to dull the shine on the chromed bits. Obviously, this may require some masking or hand application to separate the bright from the dull, but I need the products in question first…

    Even if it is a thick acrylic enamel goo that changes the shape of the emblem by a micron or three, it would be nice if this is the last time I replace these emblems! I want to treat the emblems like little bits of jewelry, and make them special-nice… maybe what I need is some sort of jewelry enamel? Ideas? TIA! – Charlie

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