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    So I powdercoated my first item tonight… (Eastwood’s Ruby Red)

    It turned out ok…kinda orange peely (I don’t have a feel yet obviously for the amount of powder to put on)

    My biggest question right now, though, is about cleaning up my equipment. I took the gun apart and was blowing compressed air through and around it, but it’s still tinted a bit from the red powder. What else can i do to clean this stuff up? It’s also not coming completely off of my sifter… I don’t want any cross contamination.

    Also, i got the EW elite kit, so it came with the high performance deflector…how far from the tube end should i have it? i left it at about an inch…seemed like the powder just went everywhere in a big cloud.

    Thanks guys!!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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