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    I have a 71 Dodge Challenger that I restored. I droped in a 440 that I rebuilt and did all of the body work, including welding on 2 quarter panels and metal patches. I taught myself to MIG weld and it came out great. Amoung the other smaller items I need to finish is the rear bumper. I bought a rechromed bumper on Ebay dirt cheap because it had a small dent in it. I bumper out the dent and unfortunately, used the pointed end of the hammer and now although it is a lot straighter, I have a lot of dimples in it. I have tried to flatten with a piece of wood or plastic on the chrome side but I there are still too many. I realize the best thing to do is sent it in and get it rechromed, which would probably be a better bet with my old bumper that doesn’t have any dings, but the cost $375 and time, 7 weeks make this a real chore. Is there anyway to flatted out this small spot? I thought about something like a strong C clamp with plastic or wood to protect the bumper and if this were sheet metal, I could do a pretty fair job of cleaning it up and then with a buffer, make it passable. I have also gotten your latest flyer with the Liquid Chrome paint. Would this be useful?


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