Posted: November 28, 2005 By: powderman

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    Has anyone noticed that “CHRISTMAS” is disapearing?. I went to the local “lowes” store and noticed they don’t sell christmas trees anymore, they sell “holiday trees”.And target stores employees are not allowed to say “Merry Christmas” to there customers because they are affraid they will offend somebody. What kind of crap is this. as far as i am concerned they have offended me for not telling me to have a “MERRY CHRISTMAS”. And has anybody seen the “Charlie Brown Christmas” lately, if not you will be glad to know that they have edited it to remove the parts that refer to the bible and several other parts about what “Christmas” is all about! Just wondering what yall think think about the politically correct version of the birth of Christ. :confused: 😡 😮

    just letting of some steam

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