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    I have been working on a 1926 coupe for a long time and it is finally ready for paint . I have used EW products on every stage of the build and I am very satisfied with the quality and price of their products and would like to get all of my paint from EastWood’s as well . I am a novice painter and would like to use a solid color urethane basecoat/clearcoat over an epoxy primer sealer for protection . I see ” low voc ” basecoats listed but don’t need the low voc products where I live I don’t want to pay extra for them . Does EW have non low voc basecoats ? I also want to use a bright red basecoat so I would like a white epoxy sealer and would like to spray it ” wet on wet ” . I need help picking the appropriate and compatible EW products for the project . Anyone have the time to help me with a complete bill of materials ? Thanks and a Merry Christmas to all !

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