CHEAP! Home made blast cabinet

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    I purchased one of these Eastwood blasters a while back and figured it was time to put it to use… Saw something like this on the web and decided “hell, looks easy enough to make”.

    Hardest part was finding a steel, sealed top, 55gal drum that had NOT held any type of flammables in it. Got a hold of a food grade one off CL for $15, previously had vinegar in it.

    for the bung holes on the right, the smaller one will have the shop-vac hooked up to minimize dust in the cabinet… the larger hole will get an appropriate adapter and have the blasting gun running through it.

    didnt take too many pictures while building, kinda got in the moment… clicking on any one will take you to the set.

    5365538850_8c273eeef8.jpg 5370949971_f866642176.jpg

    5365539562_24a6d8bdd9.jpg 5370950483_eec760db33.jpg

    5364926649_ca08b97246.jpg 5371559180_92460e0aa4.jpg

    all in all cost me about $50 to make

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