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    Id like some advice on what type of paint to use. Ive just cut the frame out of my nova, and welded in 4-link frame rails. I also put in all new sheetmetal floor, and rollcage. I went to O’Reily’s and bought a urethan based primer, and brushed it on a small section of the floor; but i didnt like it that much, and it was $50 per quart (2k primer… cant remember the exact name). It dries hard, and was clear so i could hardly tell where i had covered and where i hadnt. I think i remember seeing a $20 Chassis Paint rattle can that Eastwood sales, but i want the paint to be durable. I had thoughts of just cheap rattle-can primer and then satin black on top. I need to do the top of the floor, underside of floor, all new frame railes, rear-end housing/brackets, and all 4-links bars. Also, what should i do with the EDP coated half-floorpans (sand the coating off?). I have been advised to use the rubberised uncoating by many people, but i dont want this stuff on my car. Id rather have a durable paint that looks nice. Below are some pics of the new metal:






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