Chassis Extrem Black and Ceramic Black-mixing?

Posted: October 2, 2011 By: Chaz7

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    Misjudged amount needed on my 66 Caddy…big car;) Frame and engine bay just sandblasted.

    Used PRE to clean. I then used R-M epoxy primer with PA97 and DH46 added (per their recommendations as Chassis extreme not epoxy) to then apply the Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black-Gloss right after under the entire car from very bottom of firewall to backof car. Came out nice, but didn’t have enough Black gloss. Also, it is a little to glossy, so want to paint over with satin. I still have not painted the engine bay

    1. Was thinking of buying the 2K Ceramic Eastwood paint to finish the job. If so, can I apply the 2K Chassis paint over the Chassis Extreme Black now? If so, do I have to scuff if painting this Thurs?

    If not, OK to now buy Chassis Extreme Black Satin and paint over the gloss?

    2. For 2K Underhood, is it the same exact color as the 2K Chassis? Are these both the same color as the Chassis Extreme Black Satin? I am not doing a frame off, so concerned about matching colors. I was planning on using the rest of my R-M epoxy (with R-M 897 hardener now as both epoxy) in the engine bay. Can I apply the 2K underhood right over that immediately?

    Does the 2K come in an aerosol can to have handy for touchups?

    Thanks! Chaz

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