Chassis Coat Black Primer & PRE question (cooler temps)

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    I’m using Chassis Coat Black Primer & paint for my first couple projects (a tongue storage box for a military trailer, and a Jeep trailer hitch). So far, I’m liking the product. I ran into a weird reaction with the primer, though, and wanted to ask input.

    The directions mention that 70 degrees with 50% humidiity is ideal. I’m in Michigan, and I’m not sure that ever happens together. :p I’m running a propane heater in my garage to get temps to 50-55 degrees. I primed everything, but got a couple runs that I sanded down. I then wiped everything down with a tack cloth, and then used a very small amount of PRE on a rag to wipe just the “rework” area. When I re-primed this area, the primer bubbled/reacted. I resanded and repeated the process. Again, bubbling, but not on the bare metal area, but rather on the surrounding feathered primer areas. I suspect that the PRE is getting into the porousity of the primer, and causing the reaction. I’m going to try it again this weekend, but skip using the PRE before priming.

    Can someone confirm what the prep would be for “rework” areas, and/or how much longer I should wait for primer/paint curing given the cooler Michigan temps in which I’m painting.

    I want to get the little details like this figured out before we tackle a MUCH bigger project, which is a ground-up rebuild on my daughter’s Jeep Cherokee 2-door.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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