chassis Black Paint vs Rubberized Undercoating

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    I searched the forums and cant find a comparison.
    Currently I am building a 65 cobra kit with a new tubeular frame. The frame will come bare and I am decideing what to put on it. So the decision is between the Chassis Paint or the undercoating.
    The question I have is, what will look better and which will hold up better. I want it to look good when looking under the hood, but I don’t want to fix chips every week either. Is the undercoating a smooth coat or is it like a truck bedliner where it is not smooth at all? And will the chassis paint hold up to the wonderful road pebbles that will hit it? Also should I put any other coats of primer/rust treatment ect on before them before the final coat?
    Thanx ahead of time for the info.

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