Chassis Black over Rust Encapsulator?

Posted: November 13, 2006 By: cujo

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    I recently finished sandblasting the frame of my 77 F150 truck and I have applied a coat of Rust Encapsulator on the frame. I will be top coating the the frame with Chassis Black, but I have an application question. This truck frame is so big, that I can’t paint the entire frame at one time. I will need to do the bottom first and once that has dried I will then need to flip the frame over and do the top of the frame. The problem is I remember reading that the instructions say not to recoat after the paint has dried unless it has had over a weeks drying time or lifting may occur. Painting the frame in this way I will be recoating over paint that has only been drying for 1 day. Will this be a problem? Thanks.

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