Chassis Black over existing paint

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    Ok, many, many years ago I made a boo-boo, forgive me EW I did not know you existed yet 🙂

    I had my frame sandblasted and then used self-etching primer and then on top of that used high build primer to smooth out the minor rust damage. I then painted with Hirsch Chassis Black paint. Its a good paint, no complaints but I want my frame to be glossy now and this paint is nearly flat. The frame is still just a frame, there are a few suspension parts and not much else. In a week, I plan on doing 2 weeks of work on the car and nothing else but the car so after that it will be too late to change.

    Can I scuff up the paint and shoot the Extreme Chassis Gloss Black ? It will be easy right now, I can strip the frame in 2 or 3 hours.

    I am hoping some one at EW knows what is in the Hirsch paint and that it is or is not compatible with EW Chassis black. I no longer have any paint to test with and I would prefer not to shoot my chassis for a “test”. I painted the frame 4 or 5 years ago so it certainly is good and dry.


    p.s. No, I have not stopped working on the car, the body is nearly finished, the motor/trans/rearend are finished. New suspension/brakes/etc. are ready to go, bet the car is on the road in before summer.

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