Chassis Black orangepeeling

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    I’m using Eastwoods original Chassis Black to paint my old school Harley, the low gloss finish is exactly what I was looking for.
    I painted the frame with a spray can and it turned out pretty good.
    The tank and fenders, however, didn’t level out at all. The aerosol cans just didn’t spray enough for a smooth, wet coat on the larger surface.
    So, I wet sanded, waited a week for the paint to cure, and sprayed a wet, heavy coat – almost a whole quart on a sportster tank and 2 small fenders. No lifting or sags/runs but it it still orangepeeled bad!
    I think I may need to thin it more.
    Which is less likely to cause lifting – Toluol or Xylol?

    Also, what nozzle size and air pressure is best for high solids paint?

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