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Posted: September 11, 2010 By: PRP

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    I have been using Eastwood Alumablast for a few years now on cutomers parts etc and when i had my monthy batch of 12 cans delivered last week i noticed that they are in a new can.

    When i came to spray my customers parts i noticed the nozzle is much better but i also noticed that the mist had a sparkle to it. When i let the parts dry i noticed the finish was much much different to the many other 100’s of parts i have done over the years and it had a sparkle finish to it and not the flat matt type finish which i think is much more like fresh cast aluminium.

    Could you tell me if something new has been added to Alumablast or is this a bad batch that i have recieved?

    Below are some customers parts using the old cans



    Below are pictures taken using the new cans although they dont show up the sparkle as much due to the bad light.




    Many thanks

    Chris @ PRP

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