Challenger Cowl – Approach?

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    I have a 72 Challenger I am getting ready to go to a body shop for repair and paint. Fenders and hood are off, although the engine is still in the car.

    Overall this car is not in terrible condition – floors are solid for example. However, as a Maryland car it did get its share of rust – quarters, one bad fender will be replaced, etc.

    The problem I am really worried about is the cowl. When I bought it, the cowl area was full of rotted leaves. These had corroded their way through the metal seam in the vicinity of the fuse box (which is under the wiper motor on this car). I have since removed the debris, wiper arms and other components, wiper motor etc.

    I can’t afford to dip or do a full blown resto on this car so I want to deal with the cowl myself. The upper inside surface does not look like it was ever painted and has lots of surface rust. It is going to be a tight area to work in – I can’t see how to get an angle grinder in there. I also don’t want to risk cutting the top of the cowl off. I may be able to cut out the bad metal in the vicinity of the fuse box once I take the box out. I have OxiSolv. What would you recommend as an approach to this project?

    Thanks for the advice! BTW the material you have posted on this forum on general use of your anti-rust products is great – I am assuming I will have to do something similar here. The main problem I am going to have is getting in there.


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